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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Essentials things to make sure before planning to travel Umrah/Haj

Things to make sure before planning your travel

    1. Ihram – Symbolizing that everyone is equal before Allaah, the Most High. Wearing Ihram clothes gives us the modesty and helps us in understanding the role of our journey towards Allaah and how small is the time allocated to us. Bear these two point in mind:
      • Purchasing a good and nice quality Ihram cloth would comfort us, In Sha Allaah, during our Hajj
      • Buy a light cloth Ihram with a hip belt, so that It will be convenient to tie your Ihram.
    2. Allaah is the Hearer and Knower of all things. Making Du’aa to Allaah in your own tongue while journeying towards Makkah and during your time at Hajj is appropriate. However, making Du’aa to Allaah Subhaanahu Wa ta’ala in Arabic has bigger rewards.
      • Keeping an authentic Du’aa book (such as “Fortress of the Muslim”) with you will be handy, so that you can recite Du’aa while doing Tawaaf (circumambulation).
      • Buying an authentic Du’aa book with Arabic version with Translation in your local language which will help you in realizing the impact of your Du’aa to Allaah, the Most High.
    3. Keep a small cloth bag in order to place your shoes or sandals in it and carry it inside Haram.
    4. If travelling with Women or teenage girls, bear in mind about their menstrual cycle, so that it does not disturb their ‘ibaadaah.
    5. Purchase a pair of Tawaaf socks, so your feet do pain while performing Tawaaf. This will help in concentrating on Tawaaf instead of worrying about the cold floor, in sha Allaah. Elderly aged Haji’s who have earlier performed Hajj & Umrah commented that the cold floor causes numbness in the feet for sick and old people while performing Tawaaf.
    6. If the month of Dhul Hijjaah falls in Summer, then ensure an umbrella is carried along to provide shade and from the scorching desert Sun, In Sha Allaah.
    7. Carry a small pair of scissors for women to cut their hair.
    8. For those travelling with kids, ensure to take essential things for your kids. Pack some of their favorite snacks so as to make them happy and minimize distraction during your ‘ibaadaah.


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