About Us

Where it all started?

Go-Ihram was founded in 2016 for the purpose of bringing together Hajis & Best Travel Agents through technology and provide best service to Hajis during their visit to Makkah & Madinah.

The nexus of the company’s launch came down to three observations.

1.The rise of Umrah(Minor pilgrimage) & Haj(Major pilgrimage) in Muslim community has resulted in exorbitant commencement of Travel Agencies.

2.Like other Tourist packages sold, Umrah & Haj Packages aren’t comfortable & transparent to the Hajis which results in discomfort during the visit to Makkah & Madina.

3.The trend away from Transparent/Honest/Cost effective packages to Hajis is currently being catalyzed by Professional like us about the future of our Hajis. Leaving a massive opportunity for those who can provide a platform for best travel agents to service more Hajis.

Our Mission: 

Empowering Pilgrims with information while they make their decisions on once in a life time opportunity of performing Hajj or Umrah.

Our Vision: 

Enable Pilgrims to perform Hajj and Umrah with Taqwa and Tranquillity upon the way of the Prophet ﷺ. Bring the Pilgrims and Travel providers together upon integrity, and please Allaah ﷻ.