Go Ihram Vs Other Service in the Market; It can be really hard to decide between two Hajj Services. Especially when the options aren’t transparent & honest in the market. Knowing that so many Hujjaj(Pilgrimage) have trouble making up their minds, you would have probably faced this problem before; how can Go Ihram assist our Hujjaj to choose the option that would be away from fraudants who screw-up Hajj plans for many Hujjaj, or How can Go Ihram assist our Hujjaj make the best, most informed choice?

We know from experience that Hujjaj don’t have time to verify or required knowledge to identify the right travel agent giving them a dense, lengthy reports explaining the options doesn’t really stick. Most people won’t bother even reading the whole thing, that is why Go Ihram verifies the Travel agents if they have quota to service the Haji & verify if they are registered with Ministry of Hajj and list the packages using a combination of visuals like icons and charts, and decorative fonts.

Apart from providing the verified packages Go Ihram signs a MOU with travel agents to agree & assure the services promised are delivered, No price hike are made after booking, A dedicated Hot line being shared with Hujjaj in the form of chat, feedback form during the process of Hajj to keep the problem heard and resolved without delay incoordination with Travel Agents.

Today Go Ihram serves the Hujjaj with Hajj/Umrah packages in Chennai, Bengaluru & Mumbai with passion to extend the service across India. Go Ihram vision & mission is to make sure the Hajj you choose with us a Hajj Mabroor.


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