Umrah done according to Sunnah of the prophet(Sal) is accepted in the sight of Allah. When you are guest to the house of Allah, have complete Tawaqal on Allah & he is going to protect you in all of situations. Nevertheless if there are times when one in need of Medical emergency this blog will throw light on the same.The best preparation is to have to first aid box with you which should be have medicines for common cold & flu, dysentery, skin rashes to kids due to diapers, head ache oil etc.First of all triage your loved ones medical situation, if the case seems to be emergency or getting worse, its worth to check with nearby pharmacy, every other pharmacy has doctor in it and they will suggest you seeing/hearing the condition of the patients.

Medical emergency in Makkah for adults & children:
Whatever be your nationality there are two hospitals which gives free medical service to Hujjaj in umrah. For adults its An-noor Hospital at Aziziya and for children its “Maternity & children Hospital” in Azizya. Taxi will take you there for ~30 SAR one way, better to have taxi app while return because there is almost no taxi at the site of Hospital.As you get into these hospital the procedure is to triage the patient first, so you would be required take the patient to inception Nurse who first triage and detects the severity of the patient and mitigate any risk, later we have to go to receptionist with patient passport or photocopy for details to be keyed-in.

The head nurse assigns a track either one of these Blue,Red,Yellow & Green (These colors signifies the urgency of the patient health & checkup required) and a token number as well, the marking on the floor has to be followed to navigate to designated Doctor’s room. Once you reach the Doctor’s lobby its the token based systems.

Prerequisite for free Medical service:
Have passport or photocopy of passport & Umrah visa with you every time as this helps you to avail the medical emergency for free provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Hujjaj. Many doesn’t know this including travel agents, when I booked through, they told me this but there isn’t any article so wrote one for the other Hujjaj


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